Monday, April 2, 2012

Performed as opening act for Romanteek/Tall House Arts Consortium production...

My 11-year-old niece, Phoenix, and I performed as the opening act for a collaborative production by Romanteek and the Tall House Arts Consortium, called "All of the Shadows Open" - an astounding evening of live music, daring acrobatics, and eloquent movement...

 Our opening piece, called "Picnic at Souls Crossing," involved movement, sound, and video.
As we engaged the audience by walking up and down the theater aisles and through the lobby, music and image framed the narrative - a video played on the theater screen which served as a backdrop and an extension of the space, portraying a forest path along which the audience could travel with us.

As the video transitioned from a moving path to a still clearing, Phoenix and I met in the middle of the stage. We exchanged gifts, a red apple for each of us, took our bites, fell under a spell, and transformed, leaving the stage as a fox and a rabbit...

Photo by Robin Ewing


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