Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sixshot Snapshot Show @ Capitol Theater - on exhibit now through February 26, 2011

I'm one of six artists participating in a group snapshot photography show at the historic Capitol Theater's Mezzanine Gallery, located in downtown Olympia at 206 5th Ave SE.

Fellow local artists include Mezzanine Gallery curator Ira Coyne, Jennyrose Wright, Judith Baumann, Isaac Overcast, and one outta-towner, Ira's friend, Conrad Carlson, who lives in NYC.

Rather than an opening, we'll be having a closing reception,
Saturday, Feb 26th - time TBA.

As this image-based installation is in a movie theater,
I selected shots with the potential for resembling film stills,
either in the sense of "the film" itself or behind-the-scenes.
(But yes, there a few pet portraits tossed in the mix.)

Taken with a no-brand point-and-shoot and 35mm film (usually Fuji),
many of these snapshots have not been previously exhibited
- a collection of apparent "outtakes" taken circa late-1990s to 2005, or so.
Viewed collectively or individually, these images pose interesting narrative possibilities, threading through and crossing over one another...

When I view a photograph, the snapshot in particular,
I'm drawn to and interested in what is framed,
but perhaps more so in what is going on beyond the frame
- there is that within the frame from which a conclusion may be drawn,
or is it just the beginning, the opening line, to a larger story?

I hope you get a chance to stop by the theater to see all these compelling tiny tales told through the kaleidoscopic lens of six different hearts and minds...

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