Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Destroy All Movies!!! Punks on Film...

My friends, Bryan Connolly and Zack Carlson, spent more than 5 years getting this book together and it's finally hit the shelves and is making its way 'round the world!

There are a gajillion reviews, written mostly by co-editors Carlson and Connolly, and I had the opportunity to write some up too, including reviews for a few of my favorite films such as Times Square, Cronenberg's The Fly, and Batman Returns. The other movies I wrote about are: 200 Cigarettes, The Commitments, Godard's Detective, The Mask, Shady, Tokyo Pop, and Trainspotting.

The book is a gorgeous and hefty tome that not only provides an extensive and almost exhaustive record of punk appearances in world cinema, but is a testament to what depths Connolly, Carlson, and fellow contributors dove to mine this collection for presentation in one well-illustrated and super entertaining publication.

Available from publishers, Fantagraphics Books (in Seattle), Amazon, and hopefully a bookstore or library near you...

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