Sunday, April 11, 2010

HAIR ZINE - No. 1 is out now - and Issue 2 is on the way!

Issue One - February 2010

features interviews with
Tobi Vail, Danny Sasaki and Joaquin de la Puente,

plus haikus by Jean Nagai

Copies are available for purchase at Last Word Books (
and Orca Books ( in Olympia,
and on-line at Ms Valerie Park Distro:

- it's even available for check-out from the Timberland Regional Library!

Here's what Ms Valerie Park Distro has to say about hair:

"Olympia artists Bridget Irish and Hannah Horovitz bring you a zine all about hair. Interviews ensue. Tobi Vail (Bikini Kill, Spider and the Webs), Danny Sasaki (Sedan), and Joaquin de la Puente (Olympia Film Society) all have their say. Going grey, feminism, metal dudes, skateboarding, Dippity Doo, hair donation, skinheads, racism, Judas Priest and more are covered in this surprisingly fascinating zine. There are also five haikus from Jean Nagai, a braid rubbing, idioms, and an Odyssey quote."

Issue Two is scheduled for release late April/early May,
and will feature an interview with the infamous hair stylin' maverick,

Shaun Surething, of Seagull Salon in NYC (by Lisa Darms),
as well as hair stories from Hannah's
mom and dad,
Sarina Eastman's mom, and my mom!

In the meantime, you can make an appointment with Shaun here:

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