Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Arts Walk Countdown/Bench Installed...

Completing work for Olympia's Fall Arts Walk
this Friday, Oct 2nd, 5pm-10pm

only 2 days to go!

Showing two exhibits this year:

"It's the View" a 4-channel video installation with a mixed-media centerpiece at the MIXX 96, corner of Washington and State
a joint show with Jenny Macc at the historic Capitol Theater
"The Impracticality of Awareness" - knitted objects, yarn projections, and so much more!

And the "Match Game" bench has been installed just in time for Arts Walk!

As of today, it now lives in front of the Bread Peddler,
at 222 Capitol Way N - between State and Olympia Aves,
and across from the Olympia Community Center.

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